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Awards Update [Thursday
March 30th, 11:39pm]
I updated my awards entry HERE

hopefully I will do more icons soon.
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Challenges [Friday
February 17th, 9:41pm]
So I have a whole bunch of random icons from different challenges, feel free to have any of them....

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Word Icons [Friday
February 10th, 1:59am]
[mood| giggly]

Dogma (3)
Awesometown (10)
Random (11)

Because you smell...Collapse )

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Anger [Saturday
January 28th, 11:06pm]
[mood | irritated]

Okay, so here is my little rant for a certain type of concept in art. *clears throat* In the Western culture space that is not used in artwork is considered "negaitive". Western art often is not considered good if there is a lot of "negative space" in it. Now, in other cultures, for example, Eastern culture the space that is not filled is often viewed as a good thing. They are two very different views on artwork. The problem is that many people believe that something does not look good if there is a lot of space left in it. Maybe if you opened your mind to different types of art then you wouldn't be such an idiot. For example, I don't particularly like modern art, half of it I think is crap because I could do it, BUT there are a lot of pieces that I consider very forward and wonderful. So I am not so completely close minded that I hate all modern art. *shakes head* Sorry if you don't agree. I saw a negative comment on this wallpaper for winning an award....

by: windfallen

I thought that it was actually a really good wallpaper. It didn't do the usual pasting fifty different pictures together. Sometimes simpilar is better.

That's just my thoughts and now I feel better, so if you feel like arguing with me, go ahead.
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Awards [Monday
January 16th, 11:13pm]
[mood| geeky]

I decided to start an award post because I am proud of myself....

EVERYONE is a winnerCollapse )
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Chronicles of Narnia [Monday
January 9th, 5:33pm]
[mood| cold]

Chronicles of Narnia (23)

insert meaningful lyrics hereCollapse )


pictures: thephotobox
resources in my information
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Nevie Icons [Monday
January 9th, 10:34am]
[mood| amused]

So I made these all for the lovely (plug, plug) neville_iconic but in case anyone wants them....

01. 02. 03.

More updates on the way.....Narnia to come hehehehehe
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Andy Roddick, Red Eye, Rent, Random Males [Saturday
January 7th, 5:19am]
[ mood | geeky ]

Andy Roddick (10)
Red Eye (6)
Rent (5)
Male (5)

So I was inspired by Andy Roddick, even though I don't particularly have any feelings either way for him...and random icons I cleaned out

Soon be on your own wayCollapse )


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Movie Lims [Wednesday
January 4th, 2:50pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Soooo I must be pretty stupid because I just joined movie_lims. It's a really awesome community where it is like last icon maker standing. I know I will be the first to get voted off because I looked at the other icon makers' icon journals and was like, oh I have no chance. So yeah! But it should be fun, even if I get voted off first. I'm crazy!

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New Layout [Wednesday
January 4th, 4:02am]
[ mood | creative ]

Okay so I haven't done any icons, actually I have been working on some, so maybe soon there will be some, but I did redo my info and my layout. Of course it is narnia love. The kids are soooooooo adorable, excuse me while I squeel about the cuteness. Anywho, check it out.
layout & information

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New Layout [Friday
November 25th, 12:37am]
[ mood | impressed ]

So I am on a Robert Patterinson kick and I made him my new layout. I yoinked the neville_iconic layout but used Robert instead. Yup....he's not my favorite but I really like his red jacket lol....

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HP Cast [Thursday
November 24th, 11:39pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

HP London Premiere (42)

Black VelvetCollapse )


pictures: Muggle Thai

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Mulan [Wednesday
November 9th, 3:47am]
[ mood | energetic ]

Mulan (50)

Mulan is my favorite warriorCollapse )


Screencaps: callmefreak

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HP Shoes [Saturday
November 5th, 3:39am]
[ mood | crazy ]

HP Cast Shoes (8)

These Boots Are Made For WalkingCollapse )


credit: thephotobox

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Aladdin [Wednesday
October 19th, 11:06pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Aladdin Movie (9)



Screencaps: jenzdesignz

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Oliver & James Phelps [Thursday
October 13th, 10:56pm]
[ mood | naughty ]

Oliver & James Phelps (14)

Weasley Twins, oh my!Collapse )


Pictures: Mischief Managed

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Emilie De Ravin [Wednesday
September 21st, 2:29am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Emilie De Ravin (31)

I'm LOST!Collapse )


Pictures: Emilie De Ravin Online

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Rachel McAdams [Thursday
September 8th, 4:14pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

Rachel McAdams (26)
(tried something new: no text/effect/brushes)

What color hair?Collapse )

Pictures: Rachel McAdams Online


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Layout [Thursday
September 8th, 1:19pm]
[ mood | amused ]

                                                                                                  hopefully new icons soon....
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Hiatus [Saturday
June 25th, 11:22am]
[ mood | good ]

                                          ..... until further notice.....
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